About Juel

Juel is an expert Lady Educator and Femininity Specialist, FullSizeRenderTCK and HSP life coach, storyteller, trainer, writer, and artist.

As you might have guessed, she’s a passionately curious lady, who dreams big and designs her life to incorporate all of the things she loves.

She has travelled the world, inspiring women from all walks of life and cultures, to re-connect into themselves, so they can thrive. As a coach, trainer, and speaker, she has successfully guided women, transgender people, and men, towards designing, and creating, a more harmonious, joyful life. She is praised for intuitively knowing what people need, her ability to create safety, and the fluidity of how she inspires.


Juel is the creator, founder, & director of Ladyliciousness, and Grounds Consulting. She is also the founder of the online community Ladyliciousness Sisterhood, the author of Own your Life!, and organizer of Ladies’ MEET & INSPIRE – monthly sessions to build sisterhood, and explore female related topics and challenges.

She is most inspired when facilitating the ‘shift’ an individual goes through when they move into a new insight about themselves, or their surroundings.

Coming from a mixed Trinidadian/First Nation Canadian, multi-cultural background; and having grown up in several countries around the world – she is a true third culture kid. This along with her Photography, Master NLP training, corporate management experience, provides her with wealth of experience, incredible flexibility of perception (her personal favourite), and body language awareness.

I can’t wait to help you find your Superpowers!

See you soon,

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