We’re so used to doing everything ourselves, that we don’t always take the time to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we need a helping hand.. 

 Are you ready to live true to yourself?

 Our sessions will provide and equip you with greater self awareness, new perspectives and tangible strategies that will help you achieve your full potential. Creating awareness, triggering new perspectives and designing strategies that support you in achieving your own true excellence.

 You will gain skills in recognising your patterns, behaviours, and what makes you shine. You are the creator of your life!

I use a variety of tools, skills and methods to support our sessions together. Sessions may include some or all of the following:

  • One to one, in person sessions, with all focus on your development and goals
  • You can use Open Session packages to compliment the Flow your Life! program if you want a little more in person support.
  • Mentoring where needed
  • Walking sessions, or just being outside for a change of perspective
  • Support in letting go of inappropriate, hindering emotional blocks that hold you back
  • Possible areas covered: goal setting, feeling stuck, motivation, trauma, phobia, resolving childhood issues
  • Guided mediatations and visualisations
  • NLP pattern work
  • Guidance on establishing new habits, rituals, and behavioural patterns in your life
  • Goal setting
  • Light exercise / body movement / stretching / dance
  • Breath work
  • Body awareness practices and visualisations

100€ per 60 min session 

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90€ per month* 1 session p/m, min. 3months

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*cancellations anytime after min. 3 consecutive months