Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will

It's kind of like switching directions on the more travelled road of psychosomatic research - instead of our moods and mental state having an impact on our physical health, that movement, dance, breathe and touch, can create the conditions to change the state of mind, and being in our body. Rippling over into our perception of time, and our story.

Be careful of Labels

Throughout my life, I've been able to call myself a lot of things. Some have stuck as part of my DNA coding, some I've passionately passed through in exploration, some have lived their moment and moved on. The piece below flowed out of me after watching Madonna's speech afterΒ winning Woman of the Year awards. I'd … Continue reading Be careful of Labels

Lady Flows: Exploring Your Female Body

This visualization will help you understand your anatomy and connect into your feminine body. It is a light guide through your female organs, to be used to build and strengthen your connection with your female core. The pelvic bowl is your creative core, your root place in your body where your feminine energy lives. Bring … Continue reading Lady Flows: Exploring Your Female Body